About Maxtron Control

   Currently, Manufacture industry in Thailand has more competitive trend both domestic and export especially Asian countries. Then it effects to automatic control is important for increase the efficiency and production standard, and also decrease an error to be the least defect.

   Therefore Maxtron Control Co.,Ltd. appreciates to response the significant demand which was established in 2007 under highly experienced engineers, skilled teams and combined with excellent systems of project documentation, cooperation and management. We can support the industrial demand for all of entrepreneurs in Thailand skillfully in the most worth budget.

Why Maxtron Control?

-We have the professtional engineers and working team who have the high skill and experience in automatic control.

-We choose the quality tools and equipments with the worldwide brand name.

-We are high flexible, customer have much more freedom to order our service.

-We are high extrovert and have good after service which can prooof from our customer always satisfy our service and also have had the connection up to now.

Work for Maxtron Control

   We are OEM that built for the Automation system and Robot aim to customer demand. The main objective is to replace for the Manual system which have the many weak points such as delay production, defect and bad quality including limited human capability.

Advantage of Robot

-Decrease manufacturing time to be the high productivity.

-Decrease defect to be the high accurary.

-Able to design for high resistance with several work condition, for example run all day & night 24 hrs.

-Able to work in dangerous condition such as high pollution and chemicals.

-In addition, able to reduce operator and also can forecast output per day with the high accuracy.